Year 1: Journey to Becoming the Shaman – 4 Residential Experiential Weekends (Shamanic Self-Development Course)

If you have already completed our Introductory Course “Emergence of the Inner Shaman”, this course is the next step on your Shamanic journey with us. This course consists of 4 Residential Experiential Weekends which align with the Celtic calendar. Accommodation, meals, and learning materials are all included in the price. Our residential weekend certificates accountsContinue reading “Year 1: Journey to Becoming the Shaman – 4 Residential Experiential Weekends (Shamanic Self-Development Course)”

Survivor of Sexual Abuse – Self Care Group

Delighted to announce that Geraldine Walsh & Gerad McNevin from The Shamanic and Psychotherapeutic Academy will be running “Survivor of Sexual Abuse – Self Care Group” starting this coming October 17th. This course is 8 weeks in length, with session taking place Monday nights from 7-9 pm at The Dublin Wellbeing Centre, 24 Frederick StreetContinue reading “Survivor of Sexual Abuse – Self Care Group”

Speaking Your Truth

According to Alberto VIivoldo, speaking your truth is the first of three giveaways. This can be scary for people at times, to express our wounds and our truth from a place of love. Many people have had the painful experience of someone expressing their “truth” at us from a wounded place. From the old experiencesContinue reading “Speaking Your Truth”

Befriending the Shadow

Last week I was walking along the South Wall pier by the sea in Dublin Bay. As I was walking along the pier, I noticed my shadow to my left hand side walking apace beside me. The North direction shamanism symbolises becoming the person we were sent here to be, and part of this emergenceContinue reading “Befriending the Shadow”

Shamanic Celebrations and Healing

About Shamanism and Shamanic Therapy Practice. A personal account by Geraldine Walsh of The Dublin Wellbeing Centre.

Heal Childhood and Other Life Trauma – A Shamanic & Psychotherapeutic Approach

Learn about Shamanism and how you can use it in your daily life. Learn about how it can be used in conjunction with Psychotherapy and other Holistic Practices.

Bringing the Shadow into Light

Bring the shadow into light. Bring shamanic practices into your everyday life for self development and in your practice as a psychotherapist and/or a holistic therpist.