Shamanic Courses

The Emergence of the Inner Shaman – An Introductory Experiential Day

This introductory day is a precursor to our accredited shamanic practitioner courses also designed for personal development.

  • Understand exactly what shamanism is
  • Connect to your heart
  • Learn about the Chakra System
  • And how energy works therapeutically
  • Start to build your own mala medicine bag
  • Open the eight directions
  • Meet your spirit guides
  • Learn how to cleanse yourself and your surroundings using Earth, Wind, Fire & Water
  • Build you shamanic repetoire from the elements of nature
  • Recieve sacred rites of initiation
  • Understand how you as a psychotherapist, holistic therapist and layperson can use shamanism therapeutically
  • The cost for this workshop is €130 (including light beverages).

Shamanic Self Development Course

Journey to Becoming the Shaman – 4 Residential Experiential Weekends

Experience the shadow and bring it to light. Those who have have completed the Introductory Day can join together for The 4 Residential Experiential Weekends Course which run in line with the Celtic Calendar in a location near Dublin. The next course will begin in November 2022.

  • Learn the Medicine Wheel
  • Welcoming in the eight directions
  • Casting the Circle
  • Build your own daily ritual
  • Work with your own mala medicine bag
  • Connect with Spirit & Your guides
  • Receive the Munay Ki Rites
  • Learn how to hold sacred space for others
  • Learn how to facilitate sacred journey
  • How you as a psychotherapist, holistic therapist and layperson can use shamanism on your soul’s journey
  • 4 Residential Experiential Weekends: €1,750 or €525 per weekend (including residential accommodation and all meals).

Shamanic Practitioners Course

Embodying the Shaman – 4 Residential Experiential Weekends

Experience the light and and share it with others. To join this course, one must have complete the “Journey to Becoming a Shaman Course”. This course will be run over 4 Residential Weekends in 2023 that align with the Celtic calendar in a location near Dublin.

  • Learn Shamanic Healing Techniques
  • Shamanic Illumination – Light Healing
  • Shamanic Extraction – removal of heavy energies
  • Shamanic Soul Retrieval – returning soul loss
  • Shamanic Psychopomp – a ceremony for loved ones passed
  • Case Study work for accreditation (optional)
  • 4 Residential Experiential Weekends: €1,990 or €575 per weekend (including residential accommodation and all meals).

Passing on the Wisdom Apprenticeship – 4 Residential Experiential Weekends

Shining your light for others. To join this course, one must have complete the “Journey to Becoming a Shaman” Course and the “Embodying the Shaman” Course. This course will run over 4 Residential Weekends in 2024.

  • Join our team and become a teacher
  • An apprenticeship model for suitable applicants
  • Learn to facilitate a group
  • Hands on experience with guidance
  • Learn & Offer the Munay Ki Rites
  • Learn how to hold sacred space for a group
  • How you as a psychotherapist, holistic therapist and layperson can go onto teach and empower others
  • 4 Residential Experiential Weekends:€2,450 or € 595 per weekend (including accommodation and all meals).

Psychospiritual Supervision

We offer supervision for shamanic therapists, energy workers and other holistic and somatic practitioners.

Membership & Directory

We offer memberships to the Academy to graduates of our courses. This will comprise of support, follow on learning, continued professional development, practice and business set up & directory listing.

Master Classes

We will be offering tailored master classes to deal with mental health and psychological issues that your clients may present from a shamanic perspective. These classes can also be attended for personal development. Some classes will be run in person and others online.

Rite of Passage: Shamanic Experiential Courses for Children & Teenagers

Run by experienced psychotherapists & shamanic practitioners, we will be organizing one day courses for children & teenagers during the school holidays. Encompassing artwork, strategies for releasing worries and fears, setting boundaries, improving mental health and building self confidence all through conversation, shamanic rituals and rites of passage.

Our first days will run on the 24th & 25th of February 2022, from 10.30 – 4pm

International Shamanic Tours

We will be organinisng our first international shamanic retreat to Mongolia in 2023. This 14 day tour will be the trip of a lifetime with horseback riding, mongolian yurt accomodation and local cuisine. Observe and participate in sacred ceremony with local shamans. Plenty of fun, shaking, rattling & rolling.

Shamanic Retreats Abroad

We are in the process of planning some exciting retreats abroad that will incorporate yoga, meditation, holistic therapies, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage, shamanic ceremonies & rituals. Details TBA.

“I am working as a Psychotherapist and I have engaged in many forms of healing and personal growth both prior to and since graduating as a therapist. I choose to attend Gerry for shamanic and psychotherapeutic healing. Having immersed myself in this shamanic work, I underwent radical change. My experience of the shamanic and psychotherapy journey was what I can only describe as transcendental in that I felt held by a beautiful presence which enabled me to reconnect in gentle but healing ways to memories, experience and traumas long since buried from childhood and by revisiting but not reliving the pains of my past, I was able to deeply reconnect to the hurt parts within my body which I held but had not released. By contacting and releasing those old wounds I was enabled through this beautiful process to reclaim those lost childhood parts of myself and reintegrate them to make me feel more whole once more. It was a totally cathartic experience and one I would totally recommend.”

Steff – Therapist, Dublin

“On Saturday I attended the Shamanic introductory day with Geraldine and Gerry, what a phenomenal experience. Geraldine and Gerry are knowledgeable, wise, approachable and warm hearted. If was easy to see the passion they share for the work they do. I would highly recommend this days workshop it’s truly inspirational.

Sian, Dublin

“I went to see Gerry in the clinic as I was still grieving the loss of my new husband who died suddenly whilst we were on holiday many years earlier. I had been to grief therapy, and it helped but I still felt numb and lost in myself. Prior to going for the shamanic healing, my body always felt heavy, I was depressed and cried quite a lot. I was quite critical of myself and cold towards others for not being over the death of my husband. I felt guilty for moving on in my life and could not make sustainable connections in my relationships.

The breakthrough for me was when I took a therapeutic journey to meet my younger self. I became aware that when my husband died, I did not have the time to grieve. I was frantically rushing around calling the ambulance, the emergency services, I called my husband’s family, my own family and still had to care for my two young children. As I engaged deeper in the shamanic journey, I recognized that experience of numbness was the bodies way to cope with the shock of this trauma and I went into automatic pilot. However, it came at a cost because the very thing that made me, me, my very essence, had left me too and did not return right up to the day I went for the healing.

In the healing, I was taken on a shamanic visualization were I could connect with and say goodbye to my husband, the love of my life. In return, I was enabled to connect with and have compassion for my younger self. As I engaged in this process, I experienced a concern and a kindness towards her, for what she went through alone. For me, this healing work was more than therapy. It gave me my life back because I was finally able retrieve that stuck, numb part of me still living in that hotel room, still stuck in that experience. Furthermore, I was able to see the real deep love I had for my husband and the compassion I could show for myself. My life is on an upward curve now, and because I like myself more, I think others like me more too.”

Gwen- Cavan