Speaking Your Truth

According to Alberto VIivoldo, speaking your truth is the first of three giveaways. This can be scary for people at times, to express our wounds and our truth from a place of love. Many people have had the painful experience of someone expressing their “truth” at us from a wounded place. From the old experiences that they lived from, and continue to live from, the wounded place within themselves.

When we risk speaking our truth, sharing our truth, it can be scary. Because the shaman is aware that words carry great energy, they ask us to be careful to speak our truth from a place of love. We do so while recognizing the tremendous amount of power words carry to either wound or to heal. Words hold enchantment because the ones we choose to describe our reality, becomes our reality.

At times we may experience worry about how others will relate to us. We may fear how others will relate to us if we share ourselves openly and reveal the truth of how we feel our truth. When we share our truth from a place of love, we need not be constrained by fear that something will go wrong. The shaman suggests that when we do not share our truth, we cannot live openly and freely, and we begin to wither inside.

How do you find your truth? You will not find it outside of yourself. You need to travel to the heart. When you connect to yourself and others the heart asks us to be vulnerable, to be open, and to be courageous, even though it may seem scary. It encourages you to lead from vulnerability, to expose your soft underbelly, to take off your emotional armor.

When we live life from the vista of fear, we die within. We live from the opinions of others and become weighed down by them. Alternatively, we can choose to live from a healed place, and through courage, live a life filled with possibilities by following your truth and your dreams.  This is what it means to live fearlessly. So take a risk and dare to speak your truth and be who you are, the person you were sent here to be.

Published by The Shamanic and Psychotherapeutic Academy

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