Year 2: “Embodying the Shaman”

Shamanic Practitioner’s Course

Experience the light and and share it with others. Once you have completed our 4 Residential Experiential Weekends course “Journey to Becoming the Shaman”, you will be ready to embark on Year 2! “Embodying the Shaman”. This is also 4 Residential experiential shamanic practitioners course run over 4 weekends.

Our residential weekend certificates accounts for 16 hours of CPD points, towards re-accreditation. We provide CPD certificates as an approved IPHM Executive Training Provider.

In Year 2, after each residential weekend, you will have the opportunity to complete case studies for the technique learnt on that weekend. Upon successful completion of your case studies, you will receive certification that you are competent to practice the techniques learnt and help your clients release trauma energetically. At the end of the experiential and academic year, you will receive full certification to practice as a shamanic practitioner. 

We offer psychotherapeutic and psychospiritual supervision during this process and thereafter and we offer the opportunity to be listed on our directory for certified practitioners which will assist you to build your psychotherapeutic and shamanic practice.


Regular Price: €2850 (€450 deposit followed by 10 standing order monthly payments of €240)

Special Rate: €2700 (€450 deposit with the remaining balance paid in full before the 31st of December 2023)

*Accommodation, meals, and learning materials are all included in these prices*

On this course, you will learn various Shamanic Healing Techniques:

Shamanic Illumination – Basic foundation techniques of Shamanic Counselling & Healing

Shamanic Death Rites – Explanation of the Death Rites and learning how to utilise associated intervention with clients

Shamanic Extraction – Explanation of Extraction work and removal of energetic intrusions from your client’s energetic body

Shamanic Soul Retrieval – Explanation of Soul loss and returning lost soul parts to your client’s energetic body

Case Study work for Certification & Accreditation (optional)


You can find the themes and dates of each weekend below. Continue reading to learn more about what each weekend has to offer!

First Weekend working in the North Direction with the energy of Samhain & Earth – Learn how to connect and work therapeutically with clients through the Shamanic Illumination and Therapeutic Awareness Techniques

Learn all of the basic shamanic techniques required to start working with your clients from a place of compassion, non-judgement, and awareness as a shamanic counsellor and therapist. Learn how to heighten your intuitive guidance, connect with your guides, and how to track and release suppressed energy in your client’s energy field. After a case study submission, you will be prepared to use this Shamanic Illumination technique in your practice.

Taking place on 2/3/4 February 2024

Second Weekend working in the East Direction with the energy of Imbolg & Air – Learning Emotional Release Techniques

Learn about the death rites and how to use associated techniques with your clients. Help them to grieve and let go of outdated patterns/themes in their lives, allowing them to embrace their new beginnings. After case study submission, you will be prepared to use this technique in your practice and/or with clients in their homes or residential settings.

Taking place on 19/20/21 April 2024

Third Weekend working in the South Direction with the energy of Bealtaine & Fire – Learn how to assist your clients to discharge and transmute unwanted themes, patterns, and behaviours in their lives by learning the Shamanic Extraction Technique

Learn how to enable your clients to transmute and let go of energetic wounds and traumas that have kept them stuck, allowing them to move to a place of living from their essence and truth. After a case study submission, you will be prepared to use the Shamanic Extraction technique in your practice.

Taking place on 21/22/23 June 2024

Fourth Weekend working in the West Direction with the energy of Lughnasadh & Water – Assist your clients to live from their true essence by learning the Soul Retrieval technique

Learn about soul loss and soul retrieval and how to assist your clients to become comfortable with their light and shadow (their joys and their wounds), allowing them to live from a place of light, radiance, acceptance, and destiny. After a case study submission, you will be prepared to use this Soul Retrieval technique in your practice.

Taking place on 18/19/20 October 2024