Shamanic Celebrations and Healing

It has been my study and love of shamanism that has moved me to visit many sacred sites around Ireland and celebrate our native Celtic traditions over the years.  Since studying the Celtic shamanic tradition, I have been drawn to visiting these sacred sites on and around celebratory days. I celebrate the Celtic New year, Samhain every year with a fire ceremony, rekindling our ancestor’s tradition with storytelling, music and crafts.

I have visited many sites to celebrate Winter Solstice, Newgrange on many occasions, once when I was lucky to be picked in the lottery, The hill of Tara, Four Knocks and now Knockroe passage tomb with its wonderful views. I finally realised a dream of mine to do a firewalk one New Year’s Eve. I celebrate the energy of spring on the 1st of Feb, Imbolg, St Bridget’s day and have made special trips to visit St Bridget’s well in Kildare and the Brigidine’s convent. I have a childhood memory of making a St Brigid’s cross of reeds in school, but I now understand the significance of the cross, the story behind it and the day itself. I had the privilege of bringing Uuduu, a Mongolian Shaman to Loughcrew to celebrate a very special Spring equinox. Bealtine celebrations at Uisneach, being part of the Bealtaine re-enactment.  Summer Solstice at Lough Gur, visiting the amazing stone circle, largest in Europe to do ceremony, swimming in the lake and a very special visit to my local Knockainey, Aine’s, the queen of the fairy’s special place.

It was during my study of Shamanism that I felt the need to understand and feel the energy more and this was what brought me to study Reiki, which has assisted me greatly. I now teach all Reiki levels and love imparting this wonderful foundation of energy work to the various groups of people who turn up to learn. I enjoy greatly the practice of Homeopathy which changed my life and is the thing that initially drew me to start learning and working in the healing arts.

However, Shamanic Therapy and counselling is the one for me. The one that excites me and calls to me most. This mix of talking and energy therapy. I work with a Mala, my medicine bundle or crane bag. My mala holds many things representative of me but in particular my sacred stones (Lia Naofa) which I use in my shamanic therapy sessions. I practice 4 techniques all based on the Celtic culture.

IMBAS – Divine enlightenment which releases stagnant energy from the chakra points to allow the flow of energy in the body. This is done while in gentle communication with the client. The stagnant energy is release by the client and later returned to the universe in ritual. The client notices the shift in energy physically and mentally, going home with some soul work to do in order to integrate the shift fully into their journey.

Another shamanic therapy I do is EXTRACTION. This therapy starts with an entrance interview and facilitates the removal of unwanted or toxic energies that the client no longer needs. This removal assists the client to bring their energy body back into balance and function wholly and fully again. This is also done in communication with the client who may be aware of the heavy energy and can effectively release it with love and compassion.

SOUL RETRIEVAL which is a term more widely known these days, is another therapy which specifically looks at a possible soul loss due to a trauma in the past. This technique incorporates “Sacred Energetic Drama” which assists the client to understand the energy of the soul loss, the reason behind it, and the compensations made by the body to cope with the loss and rectification of those energies in a very deep and meaningful way.

I also offer the DEATH RITES and PSYCHOPOMP work for clients. DEATH RITES are given to the person who is departing, to assist them with the release of their soul smoothly, gently and fully. PSYCHOPOMP work is done with a loved one and assists the release of a soul to completion and grants freedom from this lifetime. This is very sacred and privileged work to do with clients.

My Shamanic study and practice have become a way of life for me. I feel this is necessary in order to be in that balanced, grounded and loving place that is required to be a Celtic Shaman. So, Frederick Street South is the perfect location. Set in an old part of Dublin, in an almost 300 year old building, with spectacular ceilings and skylights. It is a special place for therapists and clients alike, where magic happens.

Warmest blessings,



The Shamanic & Psychotherapeutic Academy

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Origin of Training: Slí An Chroí School of Irish Celtic Shamanism

Published by The Shamanic and Psychotherapeutic Academy

Providing Shamanic courses based on Celtic Shamanism in Dublin, Ireland, Online and Abroad. Engage in our courses " An introductory Experiential day for Psychotherapist, Holistic Therapists and The Lay Person", The Emergence of the Inner Shaman", "Journey to becoming the Shaman - Self Development Course" & "Embodying the Shaman, Shamanic Practitioners Course".

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