Being Seen by Nature

I often use this exercise when working with my clients. When my clients engage in this process, they often relate to experiencing feelings of being held, nurtured, peaceful and a sense of being loved and have a sense of healing and guided by spirit in nature.

I suggest to clients that they engage with this exercise as often as possible to experience the loving healing essence of nature working with them and their psyche rather than against them.

How to Connect for Guidance and Healing in Nature

  • Take a visit to nature, with a notepad and a pen.
  • Find a space where you are guided to and become quiet.
  • Breathe deeply and connect to nature.
  • Close your eyes and imaging that you are being seen by nature or ask to be seen by nature with love for guidance around an issue that you are experiencing.
  • Become aware of the feelings, thoughts, images, sounds and intuitions that you become aware of within you and around you.
  • When you feel you have fully connected and received your guidance open your eyes and write your experience in your notepad.
  • Thank nature for her guidance.

Published by The Shamanic and Psychotherapeutic Academy

Providing Shamanic courses based on Celtic Shamanism in Dublin, Ireland, Online and Abroad. Engage in our courses " An introductory Experiential day for Psychotherapist, Holistic Therapists and The Lay Person", The Emergence of the Inner Shaman", "Journey to becoming the Shaman - Self Development Course" & "Embodying the Shaman, Shamanic Practitioners Course".

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