Second Weekend Engaging with the East Direction & The Time of Imbolg

East Weekend in Imbolg

Here is a little bit about what the 2nd weekend working with the East Direction, the energy of Imbolg, and the element of air will include: 

-A deeper understanding of Shamanism through practical exercises and journeying

-Working and energizing your Sacral Chakra to enhance your inner balance, creativity, and perspective on your life

-An exercise in nature to connect with the element of air and the archetype of the eagle

-Creating your own medicine bundle with 3 healer East stones

-You will receive the Harmony Munay Ki Rite (this is an initiation)

-You will journey to release what no longer serves you so that a new aspect or quality of yourself may emerge

-We will be incorporating some psychotherapeutic techniques throughout the weekend that are rooted in shamanic interventions, tools, and strategies. These will assist you to honour and release the wounds of your past and welcome in new beginnings.

Our residential weekend certificates accounts for 16 hours of CPD points, towards re-accreditation. We provide CPD certificates as an approved IPHM Executive Training Provider.

This weekend will allow for deep work and time for reflection and rest also 🙏🌸💗

In the healing, I was taken on a shamanic visualization were I could connect with and say goodbye to my husband, the love of my life. In return, I was enabled to connect with and have compassion for my younger self. As I engaged in this process, I experienced a concern and a kindness towards her, for what she went through alone. For me, this healing work was more than therapy. It gave me my life back because I was finally able retrieve that stuck, numb part of me still living in that hotel room, still stuck in that experience. Furthermore, I was able to see the real deep love I had for my husband and the compassion I could show for myself. My life is on an upward curve now, and because I like myself more, I think others like me more too.”

-Gwen, Cavan