Third Weekend Engaging with the South Direction & The Time of Bealtaine

South Weekend in Bealtaine

Here is a little bit about what the 3rd weekend working with the South Direction, the energy of Bealtaine, and the element of fire will include: 

-A deeper understanding of Shamanism through practical exercises and journeying

-Working and energizing your Solar Plexus Chakra to enhance your self-esteem and empowerment

-An exercise to accept and honour all aspects of your past (the pain and the joy), celebrate the possibility, and release energetically what is holding you back by working with the element of fire

-Creating your own medicine bundle with 3 healer South stones

-You will receive the Bands of power Munay Ki Rite (this is an initiation)

-We will be incorporating some psychotherapeutic techniques throughout the weekend rooted in shamanic interventions, tools, and strategies. These will assist you to trust, accept, and value yourself, your journey, and your process.

Our residential weekend certificates accounts for 16 hours of CPD points, towards re-accreditation. We provide CPD certificates as an approved IPHM Executive Training Provider.

This weekend will allow for deep work and time for reflection and rest also 🙏🌸💗

“I loved Geraldine’s gentle touch and powerful results in clearing and grounding. And the way Geraldine calls all the elements with due respect and love. True Shamanism.”

-Dragana, Italy