First Weekend Engaging with the North Direction & The Time of Samhain

North Weekend celebrating Imbolg

Here is a little bit about what the 1st weekend working with the North Direction, the energy of Samhain, and the element of earth will include: 

-A deeper understanding of Shamanism through practical exercises and journeying

-Working and energizing your Root Chakra for grounding to become more connected with mother earth

-Visit to a local sacred site to connect with the North Direction and Earth, to become familiar with and in balance with the male and female aspect of self

-Develop a deep connection and work with the wisdom of your ancestors and/or spirit guides

-Creating your own medicine bundle with 3 healer North stones

-You will receive the Healers Munay Ki Rite (this is an initiation)

-You will journey further for guidance, wisdom, belief/trust, and strength

-We will be incorporating some psychotherapeutic techniques throughout the weekend that are rooted in shamanic interventions, tools, and strategies. These will assist you to meet your shadow and bring healing to wounds and hurt soul parts, returning them to the light of awareness for healing and self care

Our residential weekend certificates accounts for 16 hours of CPD points, towards re-accreditation. We provide CPD certificates as an approved IPHM Executive Training Provider.

This weekend will allow for deep work and time for reflection and rest also 🙏🌸💗

“The Shamanic retreat organised By Ger and Gerry is a perfect gift to those of us who wish healing and support ; 3 days of connection time with myself, 3 days shared with a beautiful group of people, 3 days in a beautiful setting in Wicklow with yummy food ! Purely magic !”

-Virginia, France