We are excited and we hope you are too!

We are now offering places on our introductory day “The Emergence of the Inner Shaman” which will take place at The Dublin Wellbeing Centre on November 20th, 2021 (for Psychotherapist), November 21st, 2021 (for Holistic Practitioners) and November 28th, 2021 (for the lay person).

We invite you to come and work with us to learn about the possibilities of enhancing your therapeutic practice by introducing psychospiritual and shamanic tools in order to deepen your work with clients and raise your own vibration and learning.

Why do this?

  • You will get more joy from working with clients.
  • Your cleints will progress their development in a more collaborative way.

The introductory day will include the following:

  • Open forum
  • Self-development
  • In-person training

Published by The Shamanic and Psychotherapeutic Academy

Providing Shamanic courses based on Celtic Shamanism in Dublin, Ireland, Online and Abroad. Engage in our courses " An introductory Experiential day for Psychotherapist, Holistic Therapists and The Lay Person", The Emergence of the Inner Shaman", "Journey to becoming the Shaman - Self Development Course" & "Embodying the Shaman, Shamanic Practitioners Course".

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