Fourth Weekend Engaging with the West Direction & The Time of Lughnasadh

West Weekend celebrating Lughsanadh

Here is a little bit about what the 4th weekend working with the West Direction, the energy of Lughsanadh, and the element of water will include: 

– A deeper understanding of Shamanism through practical exercises and journeying

-Working and energizing your Heart Chakra to develop a deep, non-judgmental, and loving relationship with yourself and others

-Experiential exercises: Let go of a “life of fate”, be enlightened, and celebrate your future and destiny through the element of water

-Creating your own medicine bundle with 3 healer West stones

-You will receive the Seers Munay Ki Rite (this is an initiation)

-We will be incorporating some psychotherapeutic techniques throughout the weekend rooted in shamanic interventions, tools, and strategies. These will assist you to consciously choose to move forward, bringing joy and enlightenment into your life

Our residential weekend certificates accounts for 16 hours of CPD points, towards re-accreditation. We provide CPD certificates as an approved IPHM Executive Training Provider.

This weekend will allow for deep work and time for reflection and rest also 🙏🌸💗

“I have attended traditional psychotherapy for many years and although I got huge awareness and healing from the therapy, I still felt a void, an emptiness deep within me at a cellular level of my being. At first, I was hesitant even skeptical about attending for a session, but from the moment I entered into the clinic, I felt a sense of love, a compassion within the space that I have not experienced before, but many times since. In my healing session I was able to let go of the deep longing for connection from others and give it to myself. By embarking on shamanic upper world journeys I experience a sense of extreme love and acceptance form my Higher self and obtained wisdom on the paths to take forward in my life. Embarking on this therapeutic journey has been a huge turning point in my life.”

-Gary, Kildare